Restaurant Name Opening Hours Restaurant Type User Rating
Restaurant Michel Sarran 12–1:45PM, 8–9:45PM Fine Dining Restaurant 4.5 / 5
L’Ouverture à Toulouse 8AM–11PM Sicilian Restaurant 4.6 / 5
Les Complices 12–2PM, 7:30–10:15PM French Restaurant 4.7 / 5
Le Saint Sauvage 12–1:30PM, 8–10PM French Restaurant 4.6 / 5
Boli Café 12–2:30PM, 7–9:30PM Korean Restaurant 4.6 / 5
Restaurant Shalizar 8AM–11PM Persian Restaurant 4.7 / 5
4.7 / 5 12–2PM, 7–11PM Indian Restaurant 4.4 / 5
SHIN-YA RAMEN 12–2:30PM Authentic Japanese Restaurant 4.9 / 5


Sainte Radegonde

The town of Sainte Radegonde is a beautiful village which is located in the south west of France. There are lovely places to be visited in Toulouse in which Musee des Augustins is a beautiful place of several collections of paintings and sculptures. These paintings represent the work from the middle ages to the 20th century. The sculpture collection represents the Romanesque period of the modern era which includes the medieval religious art, Renaissance works etc. Each and every year the monastery’s church displays the collections of both 15th and 16th-century painting. Here, the most high-lightened works are done by the Perugin, Rubens, and Tournier respectively. It is said to be that whole collection of the 17th century to 19th-century paintings are the noteworthy one. Exclusively the paintings were done by the Delacroix, Ingres, and Laurens; the folks can take time to view the extensive art collections including fleet maintenance app the historic buildings along with its amazing features such as the monumental stairway including the spacious rooms. Fondation Bemberg is a unique art museum which is located in the Hotel d’Assezat.

It is one of the finest houses which are built especially for the Capitoul Pierre d’Assezat. This person made great efforts in order to make his fortune from producing the plat dye which is an important industry once upon a time. The house is built with a beautiful courtyard along with the sculptural details. At the same time, there is a private museum with a huge collection of paintings, bronze sculptures including the objects of art etc. On the other side of the flip, the art objects are date back to the seventeenth century. Musee Saint Raymond which is an archaeology museum has an exclusive collection of the archaeological finds and antiquities. It is located in the medieval university building which is also listed as the historic monument at the same time. Here, each and every collection covers the archaeological discovery of the prehistoric period including the early middle ages. The alluring mythological works and the Roman portraits are found at the Villa Chiragan. The folks can relax in the garden of Antiquities after viewing the entire collections. The garden is Casperon App designed in such a manner that it displays the classical romance landscape and it also includes the laurels, cypresses vines, and olive trees etc. Cathedral Saint Etienne is known to be a blend of the architectural styles which was constructed for over four centuries; exclaiming the disunity of its design features.

smiling-students-with-backpacks_1098-1220At the end of the 12th century, an announcement came that the cathedral’s nave was the widest structure in Europe. It is also known to be Raymondine and later the cathedral was transformed into the North Gothic style. The cathedral has a list of the impressive ornamental elements including its massive tower. Here, the stained glass window including the large rose window allows the ethereal light to filter into the sanctuary. Toulouse which is also known to be the European capital of choir organs; the organs are suspended high up in the balcony. It is said to be that the splendid musical instruments are used for the concerts during the international organ festival.

There are about seventeen beautiful chapels and the beautiful tapestries are built from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. Les Abattoirs which is known to be the museum of modern art represent each and every genre of the art collection. It is said to be that it is the modern art museum which has a collection of more than two thousand three hundred works and the museum has the collections of paintings, photographs, drawings including the graphic works integrated with the small group of sculptures. The permanent collection is a work which represents the works of more than seven hundred artists and there are several paintings done by the modern artists like Jean Dubuffet, Marcel Duchamp etc. Musee Paul Dupuy is a one which represents the decorative arts and graphic arts and the charming house is a restored historic mansion. It represents the collections of the exclusive collection of arts which are extended from the middle ages to the early 20th century.


There are several luxury resorts which are located in and around the important locations. If the folks prefer to join in the fitness center, it is also provided by most of the hotels which are specialized in the detox, slimming, harmony etc. The spa centers provide a list of the rejuvenating treatments and therapies. One of the most popular hotels which are known to be Malo offers an exclusive base, especially for the North-western folks. There is a list of the lavish accommodations in order to create an exceptional memorable stay for all the types of folks globally.

Bonifacio a prestigious restaurant with an inbuilt spa; constructed by using the stones was found on the private island of Cavalio. The folks can enjoy their dining at its renowned restaurants including the spa and many several activities such as scuba diving, horseback riding, golf, and tennis etc. Here, the rooms are decorated in several colors such as blue, beige and many others. Here, the Wi-Fi facilities are provided which are secured with the password. The white sand beach adds extra beauty and at the same time, it provides the striking contrast to the sea.



Do you have a TV in your cottage?

Of course we provide you with the TV but no DVD player. We request you to bring your own DVD player if you are in an idea to watch some movie during your stay.

Is there free Wi-Fi Service at the cottage?

Yes, Wi-Fi service is available throughout our cottage. We will provide you with the Wi-Fi password during your check-in.

Do you have the campfire?

Yes, we organize campfire if you ask for one. You need to intimate us that you need a campfire in advance so that we will make the arrangements.

What are amenities you provide for Children?

We have around 10 cycles to enjoy cycling, badminton kits, cricket kits and a pool with low depth specially designed for children to enjoy.

Do you have stores nearby?

Yes, we have around 8-10 stores and a supermarket placed nearby. All groceries and essential items are available at the stores situated around us.

Is there any hospital nearby?

We have a hospital located at 3km from the location of our cottage. It is a multi-specialty hospital available 24*7.

Is the food amount included in the rental?

No, depending upon the cost of the food you order we will charge separately along with service amount. You will have to pay the food amount during your check-out.